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Which Tennis Racket Did Andre Agassi Use?

If you want to know more about Andre Agassi and which tennis racket he used, join us with this article!

Andre Agassi is a former tennis player who was at the top of the rankings between 1987 and 1999.

He reached his highest ranking in 1991 when he ranked World No. 1 for 155 weeks consecutively! Then again, in 2003, he won the men’s singles gold medal at the Olympics in Barcelona which made him so proud that he officially announced his retirement the following month.

Nowadays, he is very involved in charity work and has created the Andre Agassi Foundation for the education and empowerment of underprivileged children.

He also invests in different businesses such as restaurants, a hotel chain, and fitness centers!

Which Tennis Racket Did Andre Agassi Use?
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Which tennis racket did Andre Agassi use?

Andre Agassi is a big fan of the Head brand and used their rackets his whole career.

He started using them in 1986 and still uses them today!

Since 1993, Andre Agassi use Head Radical Trisys 260 OS tennis racket.

This racket was designed specifically for his left-handed game, which was perfect for him!

Is Head Radical Trisys 260 OS tennis racket available online?

Head Radical Trisys 260 OS tennis racket is not available online.

However, you can find other models such as the Head MicroGel Radical OS tennis rackets or the Head Graphene XT Instinct MP grey-red 2018 model.

Please check my best Head tennis rackets review for more information.

Why there is no more Head Radical Trisys 260 OS tennis rackets?

There is no more Head Radical Trisys 260 OS tennis racket because it was retired in 2015.

Andre Agassi has been using this model for such a long time that he never found the need to change something about it!

Therefore, the Head decided to retire this model and not produce anything similar anymore.

How long has Andre Agassi been playing tennis?

Andre Agassi has been playing tennis since he was 6 years old!

He started to play in Las Vegas, his hometown.

He did so well that he won the under-12 state championship at 12 and became an internationally known sportsman at 14.

Before pursuing a career as a tennis player, Andre Agassi attended the University of Nevada and studied business and tennis.

He then decided to become a professional tennis player at the age of 18.

Andre Agassi brings up all his trophies from his different tournaments in Las Vegas where he now has a museum dedicated to him!

He played tennis for over 22 years and retired in 2006.

How does Andre Agassi hold his racket?

Andre Agassi holds his racket in a reversed grip, that is to say, he plays left-handed but holds his racket right-handed.

This is why the Head Radical Trisys 260 OS tennis racket handle was designed shorter and lighter than normal so it would be easier for him to play!

On the other hand, being left-handed also means that he hits the ball from right to left, which is harder for those who play right-handed as it is almost unnatural.

Why did Andre Agassi retire?

Andre Agassi retired in 2006 at the age of 36 after playing tennis professionally for 22 years.

He was not very motivated by the end of his career and the money that came with it.

He also had to deal with injuries that he could no longer handle.

Finally, his last game was in 2006 in the second round of the US Open where he lost against James Blake 6-1 6-3 6-2.

Even if Andre Agassi has retired, he is still known today and is a big role model among young tennis players!

What height is Andre Agassi?

Andre Agassi is 1.85 m tall!

What is Andre Agassi’s record?

Andre Agassi has won 8 grand slams!

He was not able to win the French Open as he only reached one final, that of 1990 where he lost against then-champion and bitter enemy Stefan Edberg.

However, he was twice a runner-up at the US Open in 1999 and 2005.

Andre Agassi also won Wimbledon in 1992 and 1994 as well as two Australian Open crowns in 1995 and 2000.

What racket did Andre Agassi use before Head Radical Trisys?

Before playing with Head rackets, Andre Agassi used to use the Donnay Pro One 100 model.

However, he decided to change his racket when Head launched the Head Radical Trisys 260 OS professional tennis racket in 1993.

This new racket was lighter and faster than previous models, which made him switch!

What is Andre Agassi’s tennis racket made of?

Andre Agassi’s tennis racket is made of Titanium, Karophite Black, and Graphite.

Titanium ensures the stability of the racket as it does not warp or break.

Karophite black absorbs sound waves to make sure that no vibrations are sent from the ball into your arm upon impact.

Finally, graphite makes sure that the racket is lightweight.

What are the strings used for Andre Agassi’s tennis racket?

The strings on Andre Agassi’s Head Radical Trisys 260 OS professional tennis racket are made of premium synthetic gut!

They are very durable and designed to last between 10 hours and 15 months, depending on how often you play.

What is the grip size of Andre Agassi’s tennis racket?

Andre Agassi’s Head Radical Trisys 260 OS professional tennis racket has a handle measuring 4 5/8.

This is considered an average grip size, which makes it suitable for many types of players!

Who is Andre Agassi currently partnered with?

Andre Agassi is currently partnered with Stefanie Graf, who used to play tennis professionally.

They have two children together, Jaden Gil and Jaz Elle.

What do Andre Agassi’s fans think about his game?

Andre Agassi’s fans love his game!

His style of play is very energetic and serves as an example for younger players.

He is known as a great player and has inspired several other tennis players such as Lleyton Hewitt and Pete Sampras.

Does Andre Agassi string his tennis rackets?

No, Andre Agassi does not string his rackets!

He used to do it himself at the beginning of his career but was soon advised by Yannick Noah to let professionals handle this for him.

When was Andre Agassi born?

Andre Agassi was born on April 29, 1970!

Where is Andre Agassi come from?

Andre Agassi is originally from the United States, specifically Las Vegas.

Where does Andre Agassi now live?

Andre now lives with his family in Paradise Valley, Nevada.

What was Andre Agassi’s ranking when he retired?

Andre Agassi’s ranking when he retired in 2006 was world number 17.

In conclusion:

Andre Agassi is a former professional tennis player who retired after his career in 2006.

He was known for his style of play and eventually changed rackets when Head launched the Head Radical Trisys 260 OS racket.

Andre lives with his family in Paradise Valley, Nevada now.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this article on which tennis racket Andre Agassi used!

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