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About Me

Thanks for visiting the about me page!

My name is Matt Olsen from Tennis on Flame website, and I love tennis.

I don’t play for a living, but that hasn’t stopped me from playing with the pros!

Ten years ago, at age 19, I picked up my first tennis racket and started playing.

It was only last year when it hit me-

This is what I should be doing!

I’ll be honest with you: it wasn’t always easy.

Like most people who want to change their lifestyle, I had my fair share of struggles.

But with patience and hard work, I finally got some skills!

In the beginning, I was very clumsy.

If you had seen me in my first few tournaments, you would have thought I couldn’t stand up on my own two feet!

It didn’t take long to get better, and soon people asked me who taught me to play so well.

The truth is: nobody did. So I just kept practicing and doing drills until it finally clicked in place, and the whole world changed for me.

Now when somebody asks how they can become a better player, one of the first things that come into my head is “practice.” That’s what got me where I am today!

I had never played any sports before tennis, but it has been great for me.

I have made great friends through my new sport and found true love.

My favorite part about playing is getting out on the court with all my friends, battling it out, making up strategies as we go along, and trying to find our opponent’s weaknesses. It’s always so much fun!

That’s why I’m so obsessed with tennis rackets.

One of my secrets to being a better tennis player is choosing the best racket that suits me:

I’m sure you’ve been looking for tennis rackets like I have.

I’ve tried so many different ones and finding the right one has been a pain.

But I think I’ve finally found the perfect ones, and I want to share my reviews with you.

Hopefully, my honest reviews and all the guides on my website will help you decide when it comes time to buy your next tennis racket!