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How to replace the grip on a tennis racket?

If you play tennis, you know that your grip is an important part of your game – but do you know how to replace the grip on a tennis racket?

A good grip will help you hit the ball with more power and accuracy. Over time, your grip may start to wear down, which can affect your performance on the court.

In this guide, we will show you how to replace the grip on a tennis racket in just a few simple steps!

What are the factors that determine how quickly a grip needs to be changed?

Several things influence how frequently a grip should be replaced, It’s a combination of factors: humidity, play intensity, and sweat.

If you live in a humid climate or play tennis frequently, you will need to replace your grip more often. If you perspire heavily during your matches, this can also contribute to the wear and tear of your grip.

A good rule of thumb is to check your grip every few hours of play and replace it when necessary.

How to replace the grip on a tennis racket?

When do you need to change your tennis racket grip?

If you notice that your grip is slipping more often, or that it feels slippery, more glossy, and less tacky, then it’s time for a new one.

You may also want to change your grip if it starts to feel uncomfortable or if you notice any major wear and tear.

Replace your overgrip every 6 to 8 hours of play and your replacement grip once or three times a year is a good rule of thumb.

What is the difference between replacement grip and overgrip?

A replacement grip is a thicker, stickier, and more durable grip that comes to last longer than an overgrip. An overgrip is a thinner grip that installed on the original grip or top of the replacement grip

Overgrips are usually made of a softer material and don’t last as long as replacement grips. However, they are easier to change and can be a good option if you need to replace your grip more often.

Do you put an overgrip over the original grip?

An overgrip can be applied over the original grip or on top of the replacement grip.

If you decide to put an overgrip over the original grip, make sure that the original grip is in good condition and not too slippery.

Applying an overgrip is a quick and easy way to change the feel of your racket and improve your grip without having to replace the entire grip.

How to Change Your Tennis Racket Grip

1. Start by removing the old grip from your racket. If it’s an overgrip, you can simply peel it off.

If you’re replacing the entire grip, use a utility knife or sharp scissors to carefully remove the old grip. Be careful not to damage the racket’s handle.

2. Once the old grip is removed, clean the handle of your racket with a damp cloth. This will help the new grip adhere better.

3. Choose a grip band or a gripping collar to go over the finishing tape before you attach the new grip.

Slide it over the butt cap and up to the top of the grip, out of the path where you’ll wrap your new grip.

4. If you’re using an overgrip, start by aligning the overgrip (on the sticky side) at the bottom of the racket’s handle butt cap. Slowly begin to wrap it around the handle, making sure that it’s tight and secure.


5. When you’ve reached the top of the grip where the pallet ends, it’s time for finishing: mark a dot right at the junction of the grip and the cosmetics, then wrap it 360 degrees around to where the bottom of the grip meets the dot that you already did, and make another dot there. 

6. Place the racket on a flat surface, connect the two dots with a dotted line, then cut straight through.

7. Wrap the finishing grip one last time, and seal it with finishing tape.

8. Place the grip band or gripping collar over the finishing tape.

You’re all done! Now you can enjoy tennis with a new grip on your racket. 🙂

Do pros use overgrips?

New overgrips, like new racquets, provide you with an amazing sensation.

All professionals use overgrips. This is because overgrips are important parts of their tennis equipment and they generally have a few spare ones in their tennis bag.

The feeling of a new overgrip is similar to that of buying a new racquet for the first time.

What grip tape do tennis pros use?

The Tourna Grip Original is the most popular grip among competitive players.

It has good sweat absorption and a smooth feel in the hand.

Those who use longer handles can choose the Tourna Grip Original XL

How much weight does an overgrip add to the tennis racket?

An overgrip typically adds 5-8 grams to the weight of the racket. This is a very small amount, and you likely won’t notice a difference in the feel or performance of your racket.

The main purpose of an overgrip is to improve your grip on the racket, not to add weight. So don’t worry about the extra grams – they won’t make a difference. 🙂

In conclusion:

If you need to replace the grip on your tennis racket, you can either use an overgrip or a replacement grip.

Overgrips are quick and easy to change, but they don’t last as long as replacement grips.

Replacement grips are more durable, but they require more time and effort to change. Whichever option you choose, make sure that the grip is tight and secure.

The weight of the overgrip will add only 5-8 grams to the racket, so don’t worry about that. The main purpose of an overgrip is to improve your grip, not to add weight.

Replace your overgrip every 6 to 8 hours of play and your replacement grip once or three times a year is a good rule of thumb.

There are several steps you need to know to change your overgrip. Follow up on the instructions given in this guide, and you’ll be able to do it in no time. 

I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive guide.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask in the comments below! 🙂

Thanks for reading and have fun playing tennis!

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