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How Do You Get Used to a New Tennis Racket?

Do you probably want to know How to get used to a new tennis racket? you came to the right place, join us with this article!

Are you still using the tennis racket that was given to you by your parents or the one that your friend gave you last Christmas? If yes then it’s time for change because having a new tennis racket can help you in many ways.

Getting used to new equipment can take days, weeks, or months depending on how good your skills are and how much effort you put to learn all of the new tricks.

Some players might switch their gears for a higher quality version just to have an edge over their opponents, but most players usually change it because they feel that the old gear is worn out and needs replacement.

Nowadays, gamers can buy a tennis racket online at a very decent price and from a trusted retailer so you can get yours and start your journey of becoming a better tennis player.

The bottom line on How do you get used to a new tennis racket? is that it takes time and effort to adjust to all the changes in your equipment but if you want to improve your game, then feel free to buy yourself one.

How Do You Get Used to a New Tennis Racket?

How do you adapt to a heavier tennis racket?

You need to focus on your back and shoulder muscles to play with a heavy racket.

The extra weight of the racket will slow down your swing, so you need time to adjust your timing and footwork if you want to improve the power of your drive.

Most players who have experience playing with a heavier tennis racket usually recommend beginners not jump into it.

Players tend to use a slightly heavier one for practice purposes, but they still go back to the standard model when playing against stronger opponents or in official competitions.

Sometimes, beginners may feel discouraged because they didn’t make the switch. If you are among this kind of player who prefers light rackets, then I suggest that you should stick to what you are used to.

It is always better not to give up easily because staying in the game can help you strengthen your body muscles which might be useful in the future when you decide to use a heavier racket.

What are some good starter rackets for doubles?

Typically, players who specialize in doubles prefer light rackets so they can return the ball faster.

These rackets should be around 9-10 ounces because anything heavier than that will slow down your movements.

This weight is also recommended for players who want to build up their arm muscles and get used to tennis strokes before they decide to pick a heavier model later on.

Using lighter rackets can help you to improve your defense and forehand shots because you need to play with a shorter swing.

How do you know if a tennis racket fits you?

You can do a simple test to find out if a racket fits you or not.

Grab the handle of the tennis racket and then lay your hand flat on top of it, while keeping your elbow at a 90-degree angle.

If you feel comfortable, then that’s a good model for you!

Another way is by swinging your racket several times to check its balance.

If you keep feeling like it’s going to fall off, then that’s a sign that the model is not right for you and that you should switch to something else.

It is always better to go with a larger frame because they can help improve your power and accuracy when playing with softballs.

How do you choose a tennis racket for beginners?

You can choose an oversized model because it is easier to swing and improve your forehand shots with a longer frame.

Beginners should also pick a larger sweet spot which will increase the chances of making clean net shots or striking the ball on the center of the strings.

2 1/4 inches is the recommended size for kids who are just getting into tennis.

This is also suitable for casual players who just want to improve their game without spending too much money on expensive rackets.

How do you choose a tennis racket for the advanced players?

If you are an advanced player, then I suggest that you should buy something with a larger head and light frame so your swings can be faster than usual.

Most advanced players like to go with an oversized head because it can help them make more powerful shots by adding extra weight to the strings.

They also aim for thinner frames because they are lighter and easier to maneuver than the standard size rackets that beginners often use.

What is a good tennis racket for strong players?

Strong players especially need heavy rackets which are better for smashing.

But, this might be troublesome for beginners because most models of this type can require more effort to use with softballs.

Rackets with larger head sizes are also recommended, but you should keep in mind that they are heavier than usual.

It’s best if you practice your strokes before playing regularly and find out what type of racket suits you the best.  

How do you choose a tennis racket for juniors?

Juniors can benefit from using mid-sized models because they have smaller hands, so it’s hard for them to use oversized rackets by default.

However, small rackets with thin frames are not recommended for children because they can hurt their developing bones.

To make sure that your kid won’t get injured, you should pick a good quality racket with a square-shaped head and at least 200 square inches of hitting surface.

If possible, stay away from cheap models that have many strings because they might be more difficult to control.

Try to use a smaller racket if your child likes to play with short swings and focus their movements on the center of the court.

How much weight do tennis strings add?

According to many players and manufacturers, tennis strings add between 15-20 grams to the tennis racket’s weight.

What is the most common tennis grip size?

The most common grip size is 3 or 4 3/8 inches.

For women, a grip size of 1, 2, or 3 inches is recommended because they have smaller hands.

For men, a grip size of 3, 4, or 5 inches is recommended because they tend to have wider hands.

In conclusion:

As you can see, you should pick a tennis racket that suits your preferences and playing style.

If it doesn’t feel right at first, then you probably need to keep trying different models until you find the one that’s perfect for you.

Just remember these simple steps and when in doubt, ask your coach or tennis instructor what they think would be best.

Tennis is a very fun sport, but you need to master it before you can enjoy playing.

If you want to be successful, then you should take your time and use the right equipment each time.

Getting used to a new tennis racket can be a bit tricky, but you need to hit a lot of balls and practice.

Soon enough, you will learn how to control your weapon and you will be able to win every match with ease.

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