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Venus Williams: What tennis racket does she use?

Venus Williams is one of the most successful professional tennis players in the world – so no wonder everyone is asking: what tennis racket does she use?

She has won seven Grand Slam singles titles and four Olympic gold medals.

In this article, we will take a look at Venus’ career, discuss the different rackets she has used over the years, and analyze why each one was successful.

Are you ready to know everything about Venus? and yes, we will answer your question what tennis racket does she use?

So lay back and enjoy the read (and the ride)!

Venus Williams What tennis racket does she use
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Who is Venus Williams?

Venus Williams is an American professional tennis player who was born on June 17, 1980, in Lynwood, California, U.S.

She started playing tennis at a very young age. She and her sister Serena were coached by their parents, Oracene Price and Richard Williams.

When Venus was only 14 years old, in 1994, she turned pro and the rest, as they say, is history!

Some of Venus’s career highlights are:

Wow, there are so many! after all, she and her sister are among the best tennis stars and players of all time:

-She has won 49 singles titles and 22 doubles titles on the WTA tour.

-Her highest ranking in both singles and doubles is world No. 1!

-She has won 5 medals in the Olympic Games: 4 golds and 1 bronze medal.

-She is the second-highest women’s earner in tennis history, with over US$42 million in career prize money earnings – just second to her sister Serena.

This is a very short list of her biggest highlights – but I guess you already know how big she is – so let’s see what tennis racket she uses and why!

What Racket Does Venus Williams Use?

Venus is using the Wilson Blade 104 v7 tennis racket.

This racket was designed with one goal in mind: to help players unleash their power. It is a lightweight racket that offers great power and maneuverability.

The Blade 104 v07 also has a new cosmetic design that makes it stand out on the court.

Why Does Venus Williams Use This Racket?

Venus has been using this racket since the 2017 Wimbledon Championships.

She decided to switch to this racket because she felt that it suited her game better.

The Blade 104 v07 is a lightweight racket that offers great power and maneuverability, which is perfect for Venus who likes to play an aggressive style of tennis.

Plus, the new cosmetic design makes it stand out on the court, and Venus loves to be fashion-forward!

Venis is a famous Wilson rackets user, and like her sister Serena, she has a long-standing endorsement deal with the company.

Another famous Wilson racket in her past rackets catalog includes the Wilson Hyper Hammer 6.2 racket.

Which other pro players use the Blade 104 racket?

Right now, Venus is the only pro player using the Blade 104 racket.

However, other pro players will likely start using it shortly, as it has been getting great reviews from professional players and coaches.

What strings does Venus use?

Venus uses the Luxilon ALU Power 125 strings.

What overgrip does Venus use?

Venus uses the Wilson Pro Overgrip.

What string pattern does Venus use?

Venus uses an 18×19 string pattern.

What are Venus’s tennis racket specifications?

The head size of the racket is 104 square centimeters.

The length of the racket is 27.50 inches.

The string pattern is 16×19.

The strung balance is 33 centimeters.

The strung weight is 305 grams (the unstrung weight is 290 grams).

The tapered system is 22 millimeters.

And finally, the unstrung balance is 32 centimeters.

Can I buy Venus’s tennis racket?

Yes, you can! The Wilson Blade 104 v7 racket is available for purchase online and in stores.

You can buy it here with just one click.

Is it a good racket for me?

The Wilson Blade 104 v07 racket is an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced players who are searching for a lightweight racket with good power and mobility.

If you’re a beginner, I would recommend checking out some of Wilson’s other rackets.

You can find my review of the best Wilson tennis rackets right here-

Or find a racket for your skill level here.

In conclusion

Venus Williams is an amazing tennis player, and she uses the Wilson Blade 104 v07 racket.

This racket is perfect for her aggressive style of play, and it offers great power and maneuverability.

If you’re an experienced player who is looking for a new racket, I would highly recommend checking out the Wilson Blade 104 v7!

No matter what, Venus will always be one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! let me know in the comments below:

What do you think about Venus’s tennis racket? did you play with it or try it?

I’m waiting to read your answers! 🙂

If you have another favorite pro player – you can find out what racket he/she uses on this page.

Thanks for reading and keep practicing hard – remember how hard the Williams sisters practice to achieve their results 🙂

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