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Simona Halep: What Racket Does She Use?

If you’re a fan of tennis, then you’ve probably heard of Simona Halep – but what tennis racket does she use you probably ask?

In this article, we will take a closer look at Halep’s racket and find out why it works so well for her-

And we will see if the racket she uses is also good for your game.

So what are you waiting for? keep reading to learn more about Halep’s racket.

Simona Halep What Racket Does She Use
By si.robi - Halep RG18 (25), CC BY-SA 2.0,

Who is Simona Halep?

Simona Halep is a Romanian professional tennis player. She has been ranked world No. 1 in singles twice by the WTA between 2017 and 2019, for a total of 64 weeks.

Halep was born in the city of Constanța, Romania in 1991.

She began playing tennis at age four, in a local club. Simona Halep turns pro in 2006 when she is only 15 years old.

Some of Halep’s career highlights are:

-She became the first Romanian woman to win a Grand Slam singles title when she won the 2018 French Open.

-She became the first player, male or female, to win a Premier Mandatory tournament (the 2019 Indian Wells Masters) and then go on to win Wimbledon in the same year.

-She was named WTA Player of the Year in 2018 and 2019.

-Simona Halep has 23 WTA singles titles

-Halep has won 2 Grand Slam singles championships: one is the 2018 French Open and the second is the 2019 Wimbledon Championships.

-In doubles, her highest ranking is no. 71

So now, that you know more about Simona and her achievements, let’s take a look at the racket she uses.

What Racket Does Simona Halep Use?

The tennis racket that Simona Halep uses is the Wilson Blade 98 16×19.

The Blade 98 is one of Wilson’s most popular rackets and is a great choice for intermediate to advanced players.

This racket has a classic feel and a modern spin and power, making it the perfect option for players who want to improve their game.

The Blade 98 is also very comfortable to use and provides great control.

The racket is strung with Wilson Natural Gut 16, which gives you a good balance between power and spin.

Do other pro players use Wilson Blade 98?

Yes – it’s not only one of the most popular tennis rackets on the market, but it also happens to be one of the most popular rackets among professional players.

Some of the other pro players who use Wilson Blade 98 are Alex de Minaur, Paula Badosa, Elina Svitoloina, and Emma Raducanu.

It’s a great choice for intermediate players thanks to the feel, touch, spin, and power.

So why does Simona Halep like this racket so much?

Well, the Blade 98 has been specifically designed for players who want to improve their game – it’s the perfect racket for players who are looking to take their game to the next level.

The racket is also very comfortable to use and provides great control, which is essential for a player like Halep who relies on her precision and accuracy.

Overall, it’s no wonder that the Wilson Blade 98 has become such a popular choice among professional tennis players – if you’re looking for a racket that will help you take your game to the next level, then this is the one for you.

Simona Halep is a great example of how the Wilson Blade 98 can help take your game to new heights. and she is not the only one using it.

Halep’s tennis racket specifications

The head size of the racket is 98 square inches and it is strung with Wilson natural gut 16. The racket weighs 11. oz and has a balance of 13in.

The swing weight is 328, the stiffness is 62, and the composition is braided graphite & basalt. This particular racket comes in three colors: green, black, and grey.

The grip tape is Wilson pro performance and the string pattern is 16 x 19.

Lastly, the recommended tension range for this racket is 50 to 60 pounds.

Simona’s playing style

Simona Halep’s playing style can be described as an aggressive baseliner.

She has incredible defensive abilities and great court coverage, which she puts to good use by swiftly resuming her post after her shots.

Simona also relies heavily on her accuracy and precision, as well as her ability to generate spin.

Her powerful groundstrokes often surprise her opponents and allow her to take control of the point.

She plays right-handed (two-handed backhand).

All in all, Simona Halep is a formidable opponent who can give any player a run for their money.

Can I buy the Wilson Blade 98?

Yes, of course. You can buy this racket online or in-store.

If you want to try it out before you buy it, most tennis clubs will have demo days where you can test out different rackets and see which one is the best for your playing style.

But in any case, make sure to visit and read my honest review on the top tennis rackets by Wilson

You will find all rackets and the latest technologies this popular brand has to offer for the new season.

In conclusion

The Wilson Blade 98 is a great racket for intermediate to advanced players who are looking to improve their game.

It’s also very comfortable to use and provides great control, which is essential for a player like Simona Halep who relies on her accuracy and precision.

So if you’re looking for a racket that will help take your game to new heights, then the Wilson Blade 98 is the one for you.

Simona Halep is a great example of how the Wilson Blade 98 can help take your game to new heights – and she is not the only pro who uses it.

I hope you found this guide informative and helpful.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

For more information about popular rackets by other players, click here.

Thank you for reading and keep playing tennis! 🙂

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