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Reilly Opelka: What Racket Does He Use?

Reilly Opelka is a young American tennis player who has made a big impression on the sport in a short time – so let’s check what tennis racket he uses!

What makes Reilly’s success even more impressive is that he only switched to playing with a two-handed backhand in late 2016!

So what racket does this up-and-coming tennis star use?

In this article, you will learn what his racket of choice is and even more!

Who is Reilly Opelka?

Reilly Opelka is an American Pro tennis player who was born in St. Joseph, Michigan, U.S., on August 28, 1997.

He started playing tennis seriously at 12 years old and turned pro in 2015 when he is only 18 years old.

His highest singles ranking is world No. 17 by the ATP, and world No. 89 in doubles.

So far he has won 4 ATP titles: 3 in singles and one in doubles. he is also a Junior Wimbledon Champion.

Besides all these achievements, he is also famous for being the tallest ATP player that ever ranked, tied with Ivo Karlovic from Croatia, at 2.11 m.

In 2016, he switched from a one-handed to a two-handed backhand and the results are impressive!

Reilly Opelka What Racket Does He Use
By si.robi - Opelka WMQ18 (7), CC BY-SA 2.0,

What racket does Reilly Opelka use?

Now that we know a little more about this rising star, let’s take a look at his racket.

He is famous for being a Wilson user, but while many people and fans think he is playing with Wilson Pro Staff 97, his real racket of choice is the Wilson Six-One 95.

These two rackets look like, but they have some big differences too.

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 has a head size of 97 square inches, while the Six-One 95 has a smaller head size of 95 square inches.

This difference in size makes the Six-One 95 a bit more maneuverable and easier to swing, which is perfect for Reilly’s game style.

Another difference is that the Pro Staff 97 has a 16×19 string pattern, while the Six-One 95 has an 18×20 string pattern.

This means that the Pro Staff 97 will give you more spin, while the Six-One 95 will give you more control.

Which other players use Reilly’s racket?

The Pro Staff 97 is used by many famous players such as Roberto Bautista Agut, Grigor Dimitrov, Petra Kvitova, Andrea Petkovic, and more.

Right now, He is the only pro player playing with the Six-One 95 racket.

Why does Opelka use this racket?

The answer is quite simple: he feels comfortable with it and it works well with his game style.

Wilson has been a great sponsor to him and they have helped him develop his game a lot.

Many advanced and pro players like the Pro Staff Six.One thanks to the design, the performance on the court, the sweet spot, the frame, and the heavyweight.

The racket is ideal for making a powerful, precise, and sturdy combination.

What strings does Reilly Opelka use?

Opelka uses two different types of strings in his racket:

The main string is Luxilon ALU Power Rough 130, while the cross string is Luxilon ALU Power Fluoro 123.

These are both great strings that offer a lot of power and spin.

What overgrip does Opelka use?

The overgrip that Reilly uses is the Wilson Pro Overgrip.

What string pattern does Opelka use?

Opelka employs a closed string pattern (18×20), which gives extra accuracy and precision when striking the opponent.

This combination of strings and overgrip gives Reilly the perfect mix of power, spin, and control that he needs to perform at his best.

Opelka’s tennis racket specifications

The Wilson Six-One 95 (The one he uses):

The length of the racket is 27 inches, while the head size is 95 square inches. It has a weight of 12.34 ounces and a balance point of 12.62 inches.

The construction of the racket is a 22mm Straight Beam and it is made out of Graphite Basalt Matrix. The string pattern of the racket is 18 Mains/20 Crosses.

The Wilson Pro Staff 97L (The one he ambassadorial)

The length of the racket is 27 in, while the head size is 97 sq. in.

It has a weight of 303 grams (strung) and the balance point of the racket is 6 pts HL and it has a swing weight of 313g.

The string pattern of the racket is 16 Mains/19 Crosses.

Can I buy Opelka’s tennis racket?

Yes, you can buy Opelka’s tennis racket.

You can find them in many online stores like Amazon or some sports stores.

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 is very popular so you won’t have any problem finding it. Click here to buy it now.

And if you want the Wilson Six-One 95, you can purchase the Pro Staff Six. One 18×20 V13 tennis racket is here.

How will I know if the racket is good for me?

To learn more about the rackets, please visit my best Wilson tennis racket review to learn which racket fit you the most.

In conclusion

Reilly Opelka uses the Wilson Six-One 95 tennis racket, but also promotes the Wilson Pro Staff 97 tennis racket.

He’s a great player and with the right racket, you can perform like him too. well… he’s still a tour pro player, so maybe not just like him, but you know what I mean.

Don’t forget to choose the right string and overgrip to get the most out of your racket.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and please leave a comment if you have any questions.

For learning about your other favorite player’s rackets, please visit the page here.

Thanks for reading and good luck on the court!

Maybe I will play against you one day? Who knows! 😀

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